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  • Benefits of using hail protection structures

    Benefits of using Protective Hail Structures

    Commercial grade shade structures are an excellent method of protecting vehicles of mass hail damage.  We offer wide span shade structures with design possibilities that allow industrial canopies to span 50 ft x 50 ft or to be grouped together to offer maximum spanning capabilities.


    This method of pre-engineered … more

  • Shade for HOA's

    Shade for community playgrounds for Home Owner Associations provide playground shade for children to freely play in comfort.  Parents have peace of mind as they watch their children at play under sun protection covers knowing they are being protected from harsh UV rays of the sun that cause skin cancer.


    Increase sun safety measures for your residents by providing shade covers over … more

  • Shade for Sports Spectators

    Bright colorful shade structures covering sports bleachers not only makes for a great park revamp but also provides much needed sun protection to spectators.  Whether you plan to shade observation areas at the race track or shade structures for baseball bleachers our multi-purpose shade structures will allow your visitors to enjoy sports events throughout the year. 

    & … more

  • Playground Shade Structures best weapon to protect kids from skin cancer

    Playgrounds can be one of the greatest weapons in the fight against childhood obesity. But encouraging kids to go outside and be active to improve their health is like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    SUNSCREENS Carefully placed shade structures protect children during the hottest part of the day. (Photo Courtesy of Shade 'N Net)

    Playgrounds can be one of the greatest … more

  • Basketball Court Shade Structure Cost

    There are different ways to cover your outdoor basketball court shade structure.  Most people use an extreme span shade structure.  Our extreme span basketball shade structures range in price from $5,000-$10,000 depending on how much you would like to shade your outdoor basketball court.  

    Below is an example of a typical extreme span shade structure:

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    With the increase in skin cancer in the United States, it is becoming increasingly more important for day care centers to provide shade cover for children in outdoor play areas. Nowadays even adolescents in the US develop melanoma: 1 in 30,000 girls aged 15-19 will develop melanoma; 1-15,000 boys will develop it. Since 1973, the mortality rate for melanoma has increased 50%, so it is becoming … more

  • Shade for outdoor basketball courts

    Shade for outdoor basketball courts have become a common feature to shade sports courts across the country. Extreme span shade canopies are used to cover basketball courts to provide shade for basketball players enabling them to practice longer and enjoy cooler environments. Our pre-engineered shade structures are manufactured with sturdy steel frames utilizing UV stabilized polyethylene … more

  • Playground dealers seeking shade structure manufactures

    Playground dealers seeking shade structure manufactures

    Shade N Net is one of the leading US Shade Structure Manufacturers. With over thousands of successful shade canopy projects throughout the country we offer premier shade structure delivery backed with a long list of satisfied dealers. 

    We invite playground dealers that require a serious committed shade manufacturing service to work … more

  • How to spend PTA funds more efficiently by providing shade

    In today's economy, it is getting more difficult to raise money for schools which is why it is vital that PTA's spend funds more efficiently.  There are several questions that parents are asking PTA's.  Below are 3 important questions that PTA's should ask themselves:

    Are we spending the money on products that are going to increase student happiness and wellbeing?

    Is the … more

  • Shade Structures for Shooting Range at Marine Corp Base

    The US Marine Corp is known as the toughest branch of the US Armed Forces.  They are some of the best trained fighters in the world.  When training in the Desert they needed to provide shade for their snipers.  

    Below are Cantilever Hip Shade Structures with separate panels for high-wind / blowing sand areas, as the sand was tearing the netting where it layed on top of the rafters. … more