• Cantilever Shades

    Double Post Cantilever Shade Structures – Hip or Pyramid

    A double post cantilever shade structure with a hip or pyramid roof style are a perfect application to offer a shade structure in a … more

  • Custom Shade Structure Projects

    Our design and engineering team have created innovative shade solutions for our customers working closely with your project team to arrive at premier fabric shade structure outcomes for your needs. … more

  • Extreme Span Shade Structure

    Extreme span shade structures are designed and engineered to cover a large area of a shade system where individual smaller shade structures would not be suitable. These super span shade structures … more

  • Fabric Canopy Replacement Tops

    The life spans of shade structure tops are warranted for 10 years and will need replacement during the life of a shade structure. We provide fabric canopy replacements for steel frames enabling … more

  • Flat Panels Using Shade Sails

    Customized shade netting panels are sewn according to size with grommets along the side and applied to steel posts on buildings to offer a continuous fabric structure system on existing framework. … more

  • Hexagon Shade Structure

    Similar to our octagon shade structure, the hexagon shade structure offers an excellent shade solution to cover round areas that require shade and protection.

    Call us today to find out more … more

  • Hip Shade Structure

    The hip shade structure is one of the most popular shade structure options available, not only due to its architectural functionality but also because of the cost effectiveness of this … more

  • Octagon Shade Structure

    The octagon shade structure design is useful for coverage where a round shade system appearance is needed. Typical uses for the octagon shaped fabric canopy is ideal for shade for horse riding arenas, … more

  • Safety Pole Pads

    Shade ‘N Net is committed to ensure the safety of your children on playgrounds today. With more and more playground injuries taking place as a result of children bumping their heads on … more

  • Shade Sails

    Shade sails are fast becoming a preferred shade structure option for a multitude of outdoor shade solutions. Shade sail structures may use different colors of shade netting attached to different … more

  • Triangle Shade Structures

    Triangle shade structures are useful when less columns are preferred to a four post shade structure. A triangle shade canopy becomes more effective when interlocked in a series to create a continuous … more

  • Umbrella Cantilever

    The cantilever shade umbrella is an excellent option for offering a fabric membrane shade system in a tight limited space area. With its single side post the outdoor umbrella provides ample shade … more

  • Vehicle Protection

    Fabric canopies provide hail protection for vehicles and are ideal for giving auto protection on a large scale for a fraction of the cost of a traditional building material.


      … more

Multiple back to back configurations of cantilevered shade structures for car dealerships covering row after row of hail protection for vehicles or single carports for residences no need is too large or too small. Whatever the need we have an application that will fit enhance your home, improved your business or protect your children from the harmful effects of UV rays of the sun.

Shade structure configurations

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