Commercial Shade Structures

A leading producer of innovative shade structure products, Shade ‘N Net designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art fabric architectural shade canopy and shade awning products using UV stabilized polyethylene shade netting over steel frames. Click on any of the photo galleries to see more examples of our products.


    Shade ‘N Net offers an excellent product to protect vehicles in open car lots at dealerships from sun and hail damage. Our beautifully designed shade structures increase curb appeal by attracting customers to your car lot with the eye catching colors and vibrant shapes. Use fabric canopies to drawn attention to your car of the month or specials and attract customers to drive in from the street.

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    Whether you need shade for an existing car wash or shade structures for a new car wash, our shade structures will give an exciting vibrant appeal to any car wash. Bright, striking colors in exciting designs will uplift and upgrade your car wash producing a visual delight on any street corner.

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    Shade structures may be used in place of traditional metal storage buildings at a fraction of the cost. For sun protection of vehicles use our wide span fabric canopies to give shade and shelter to commercial vehicles and other industrial assets outdoors.

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    Single post cantilevered shade structures are an excellent solution in place of traditional metal carports. The visual effects and versatility of shade structures give an added advantage of enabling hot air to escape and creating a cooler cushion underneath leaving vehicles far cooler than carports using steel roofs.

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    Hotel resorts require shade systems for leisure in many different areas, whether it is for shade around swimming pools, shade cabanas along the beach, or shade over patios our products will give an oasis of shade throughout your property.

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    Shade structures are an easy solution to providing shade for employee break areas or for shade canopies for outdoor meetings or shade for outdoor dining areas.

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  • Umbrella Cantilever

    The cantilever shade umbrella is an excellent option for offering a fabric shade system in a tight limited space area. With its single side post the outdoor umbrella provides ample shade while not restricting movement around and underneath the shaded area. This type of shade structure system is excellent for amongst others, patio umbrellas for restaurant patios, outdoor umbrellas for shade for … more

    Taxonomy: Umbrella Cantilever

    Product Types: Commercial Shade Structures, Recreational Shade Structures, Residential Shade Structures, Shade Structures for Schools

  • Cantilever Semi Shade Structures

    The cantilever-semi shade structure design offers the same optimum area utilization benefits of the cantilever-full shade canopy design with a variation on the post design. The cantilever-semi shade canopy has four posts instead of two allowing the use of a lighter steel shade structure with shade netting with fewer costs. The four posts are closer together giving a sturdy shade system stability … more

    Taxonomy: Cantilever Shades

    Product Types: Commercial Shade Structures

  • T-post Shade Structure

    T-Post hip shade structure or pyramid roof style shade structures are extremely useful in situations where the shade application requires a minimum number of steel posts on each end of the shade structure. Typical uses are shade for school drop-off areas or shade for building entrances. T-Post shade structures may also be interlocked in series to give shade for vacuum pump islands at Car washes … more

    Taxonomy: Hip Shade Structure

    Product Types: Commercial Shade Structures

  • Pyramid Shade Structure

    The pyramid roof style of our shade structure products is another popular fabric architectural shade system and is applicable to square units. Pyramid shade structures use one ‘spider’ in the middle of the hoop giving the resulted pointed outdoor shade system pyramid effect.

    To learn more or request an estimate contact us on 1-800-290-3387.

    Featured Pyramid shade structures

    & … more

    Taxonomy: Hip Shade Structure

    Product Types: Commercial Shade Structures, Recreational Shade Structures, Residential Shade Structures, Shade Structures for Schools

  • Patio Shade

    Shade structures for patios are a comfortable and necessary option to enjoy time on your patio throughout the year. Patio shade using shade canopies or patio awnings create a cool oasis of shade over your deck in place of natural trees.


    Use either patio umbrellas or a 4-Post shade structure to give you shade all year long. Playground shade structures over playground equipment … more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures, Residential Shade Structures

  • Outdoor Basketball Shade Structures

    Extreme span shade structures cover outdoor basketball courts to allow the advantages of cooler environments for players to enjoy playing basketball outdoors. Commercial shade structures are built to withstand high winds, our wide span fabric canopies offer a permanent outdoor shelter at a fraction of a cost to metal shade shelters.




    Our 4 post shade … more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures, Recreational Shade Structures, Shade Structures for Schools

  • Shade for Aquatic Parks

    Shade structures are useful to provide Aquatic Park shade, or shade covers at amusement parks and any other public park setting.


    From shade systems for concession stands to umbrellas for waiting lines our shade structure applications will enhance the quality of your park offering by providing shade structures and protection where needed.


    Shade sails for … more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures, Recreational Shade Structures

  • Car Rental Covered Parking

    Passengers arriving off a long flight are relieved to hire a cool covered vehicle with low interior temperatures. Our shade structures reduce the interior temperatures of your vehicles by as much as 15 degrees cooler than regular metal canopies. more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures

  • Offsite Airport Parking

    Covered parking for airports is on the increase and is a vital offering for passengers who desire increased amenities and leave vehicles parked for long periods of time. Parking lots with covered parking provides additional revenues to airport concessions and is a viable competitive option. Shade structures increase curb appeal of your parking lot with their bright colors and visual effects thus … more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures

  • Corporate Covered Parking

    Reserved covered parking for your executive staff using shade structures will have your parking lot looking cooler and ensure that executive vehicles are protected from the harsh sun. Shade structures protect vehicles from hail damage and bird dropping bleaching giving your members peace of mind through the day. more

    Taxonomy: Commercial Shade Structures